First Time Buyers - part 1

Now consider where you would like to be in say the next ten years or so if possible. Perhaps you are engaged and planning to get married in the near future and this is the reason you are thinking of buying that new home.

Consider the type of work that you are in right at the moment, do you plan to still be in that same job over the next couple of years or are you thinking of a new career, or maybe opening up your own home business.

Is your bride to be also employed or will you be the sole bread winner of the family, and do you plan on having kids soon after you are married. Now probably one of the most important questions to ask yourself is can you afford this new home or are you planning on obtaining a home mortgage loan.

Will you qualify for this loan on your present salary, or are you planning on making it a dual income loan, assuming that your soon to be bride is also employed. How big a house are you planning on buying, how many bedrooms, bathrooms, etc are you considering.

Before you decide on a real estate agent you should check out as many as you can via the internet on in your local area. Look for seo agencies london a real estate agent company with lots of credential and tons of experience. Also be sure that the agent is willing to help you in all your decision making and is able to give you some solid advice with respect to cost and other relevant matters.

Do not consider purchasing a home that will cost way over your head; choose one that is within your financial reach, you can always make renovations to your new home later on. See more at:

Exterior Doors design and importance

Exterior doors are important in any house. They help keep your home secure and safe, well insulated and they help give you the kind of privacy that home deserve.

And while exterior doors maybe one of the most functional furnishings in a home, they also serve a great aesthetic value, especially when it comes to the interior of your house! And that is exactly why there are so many different types on the market today!

A very popular type of exterior door in today's home is the French door. The French door is a two-sided hinged door that opens down the middle and swings outward.

These are usually seen leading into front porches, back porches, gardens and patios and they have possibly the highest aesthetic appeal for the exterior of your house.

They are well secure too since many of them come fitted with various types of locks and bolts so security isn't an issue with these types of exterior doors. In addition, the double-sided glass is usually very thick and durable for insulating purposes also.

Solid paneled exterior doors have always been a very popular choice in homes as well since these are not only one of the most secure exterior doors but a very versatile aesthetic door as well. See more:  cheap matilda tickets

They come in a wide variety of colors and styles and can be further accented with glass panels or carved borders.

Ledge and brace doors are a less common type of door found around the home, but they are well built, heavy duty doors made from multiple vertical planks fixed together by two horizontal planks (the ledges) and kept square by a diagonal plank (the brace).

They are perfect in terms of reinforcement and security and work extremely well for building exteriors.

Another type of exterior doors, though less heavy duty than other types of exterior doors, is the garden door and it is basically any door that opens to a garden or backyard.

It is often used specifically for double French doors in place of a sliding glass door. In such a configuration, the advantage comes from a very large opening for moving large objects in and out.

Flush doors are mostly interior doors but different designs, particularly sturdier built doors can be reinforced substantially to act as safe guard exterior doors.

These types of exterior doors are very versatile and afford an equally versatile aesthetic appeal.

Fireplace Design & Installation

Fireplaces today come in a variety of sizes, styles, designs, and materials. Here are a few fireplace design from   () that are available for you to choose from.

The Traditional Brick Fireplace Design : This type of fireplace can serve many different purposes, such as preparing food, providing heat to the home, and was often the place where the entire family would gather not only to keep warm but also to listen to each others stories of their daily happenings.

Bedford Fireplace Mantel's Design : This fireplace is the favorite choice for many cheap cinderella broadway tickets new homeowner of today. These Victorian style wood mantels would truly enhance any home and they often come with very large corbels to support the mantel shelf. Their block foot is what gives them their Victorian feel.

Colonial FireplacesDesign: These colonial fireplaces were replaced because of the amount of wood that they used for heating and cooking. Also in those days fireplaces were built as part of the house and used quite a lot of materials. If you had to do any repairs to these types of fireplaces that would entail the whole structure having to be broken down and rebuilt.

Compact Electric Fireplaces Design: This fireplace is by far the most modern and economical fireplace, not to mention that they are also the easiest to start and maintain.

Here are some basic instructions on how to install your new fireplace.

Wipe the surfaces of the fireplace clean to remove any dust build up. Hook up your burner and place it in the center of the fireplace, then do a check to ensure that you have the flame pattern in the center and make sure that it is moving upward and not flapping on the wall.

Go ahead and turn on the gas to do this test. Once you have found the location of the burner pour some crushed lava rock and keep it to about three to four inches away from the front of the fireplace.

Do not let the sand or lava show through the front of the burner. Now pull the burner to the top and do another test to make sure that the pattern has not changed.

Next cover the burner and lava rock with sand, and remove any spilled sand then relight it again, to check that the flame pattern is still the same.

Starting from the front and moving up to the back, pour the glass on the lava rock and sand base.

When you have finished pouring the glass you should make sure that the automatic starter is resting just above the glass so that it will work properly.

Fireplace Design Dimensions Contemporary Stone Modern - part 1

It is important to get the fireplace design and dimensions right. More about www wayback machine here. The 3 basic functions of any fireplace are defined by the following 3 characteristics: its fuel combustion, the difference between the air pressure within its firebox and the air pressure emanating from the chimney's top and the difference between the temperature of the air in the room where the fireplace is situated and the temperature of the air at the top of the chimney.

For an exhaust and combustion performance which is successful almost all of these design factors must be taken into consideration. The four basic design components of a fireplace are the firebox, the chimney chamber, the smoke chamber and the base of the fireplace.

The burning performance of a fireplace depends on the types of firebox, the chimney chamber and the smoke chamber. The base of the fireplace comprises of the heart support and foundation.

The Foundation: Fireplace foundations must be designed in such a way that it will be able to support the weight of the fireplace itself without resulting in any substantial or differential settlement. Most masonry fireplaces can be made of a structural slab or made with footings which lend support to the foundation walls.

Foundation footings are made of masonry or concrete materials and are usually twelve inches thick and they are designed to extend to at least six inches on all sides beyond the walls of the fireplace. Foundation walls are designed in such a way to ensure the fireplace is raised to the desired height and these are usually made of masonry of concrete materials at least eight inches thick.

These walls are designed without any cavities except for the ones catering to the external combustion air ducts and the pit for the ash which are created in the base area.

Structural slab foundations are meant to afford support to the fireplace assembly and are designed as such. It is sometimes necessary to make the slabs thicker below the fireplace in order to support its weight and that of the chimney.

Fireplace Design Dimensions Contemporary Stone Modern - part 2

The hearth support can also be supported by using corbelled brickwork of (). You can also use cantilevered reinforced brick masonry or even a structural slab of concrete .

The firebox is made up of a smoke shelf, the combustion chamber, throat and of course the fireplace opening. With regards to the heart there are the 2 primary parts, the extended hearth and also the inner hearth. The floor of the combustion chamber is created by the inner hearth which is located within the firebox area.

Projecting outwards into the room located behind the fireplace face is the extended hearth which is also noncombustible.

The opening of the fireplace is a major part of the design of the fireplace and most of the other components that make up the fireplace are based on the dimension and configuration of its opening.

The shape of the fireplace opening is also important, because the higher the opening, the more it will increase the glowing heat and also increase the demand for more air in the room and will definitely require a taller chimney.

The bricks used for support above the fireplace opening must have adequate support such as brick arches, reinforced brick masonry lintels, stone, pre-cast concrete and loose angle lintels. The dimensions of the firebox should be designed in such a way to allow the fire to fill the combustion chamber when it is lighting, as this will provide better heating effectiveness.

A firebox opening should be designed at the proper size because if the opening is too small, although it might function normally, it will not be able to provide enough heat to keep the room warm, in the same manner if it is too big, it will require a greater flue area and of course will use up huge amounts of the interior air.

The shape and depth of the combustion chamber plays a significant part with respect to the combustion air requirements and the amount of heat reflected and radiated into the room and will also influence the draft in the room.
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