Now consider where you would like to be in say the next ten years or so if possible. Perhaps you are engaged and planning to get married in the near future and this is the reason you are thinking of buying that new home.

Consider the type of work that you are in right at the moment, do you plan to still be in that same job over the next couple of years or are you thinking of a new career, or maybe opening up your own home business.

Is your bride to be also employed or will you be the sole bread winner of the family, and do you plan on having kids soon after you are married. Now probably one of the most important questions to ask yourself is can you afford this new home or are you planning on obtaining a home mortgage loan.

Will you qualify for this loan on your present salary, or are you planning on making it a dual income loan, assuming that your soon to be bride is also employed. How big a house are you planning on buying, how many bedrooms, bathrooms, etc are you considering.

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Do not consider purchasing a home that will cost way over your head; choose one that is within your financial reach, you can always make renovations to your new home later on. See more at: