Exterior doors are important in any house. They help keep your home secure and safe, well insulated and they help give you the kind of privacy that home deserve.

And while exterior doors maybe one of the most functional furnishings in a home, they also serve a great aesthetic value, especially when it comes to the interior of your house! And that is exactly why there are so many different types on the market today!

A very popular type of exterior door in today's home is the French door. The French door is a two-sided hinged door that opens down the middle and swings outward.

These are usually seen leading into front porches, back porches, gardens and patios and they have possibly the highest aesthetic appeal for the exterior of your house.

They are well secure too since many of them come fitted with various types of locks and bolts so security isn't an issue with these types of exterior doors. In addition, the double-sided glass is usually very thick and durable for insulating purposes also.

Solid paneled exterior doors have always been a very popular choice in homes as well since these are not only one of the most secure exterior doors but a very versatile aesthetic door as well. See more:  cheap matilda tickets

They come in a wide variety of colors and styles and can be further accented with glass panels or carved borders.

Ledge and brace doors are a less common type of door found around the home, but they are well built, heavy duty doors made from multiple vertical planks fixed together by two horizontal planks (the ledges) and kept square by a diagonal plank (the brace).

They are perfect in terms of reinforcement and security and work extremely well for building exteriors.

Another type of exterior doors, though less heavy duty than other types of exterior doors, is the garden door and it is basically any door that opens to a garden or backyard.

It is often used specifically for double French doors in place of a sliding glass door. In such a configuration, the advantage comes from a very large opening for moving large objects in and out.

Flush doors are mostly interior doors but different designs, particularly sturdier built doors can be reinforced substantially to act as safe guard exterior doors.

These types of exterior doors are very versatile and afford an equally versatile aesthetic appeal.